Backlinks Strategy: Getting More Visitors To Your Website

Juicing Your Sites with Backlinks from Others

It would be really nice to have the exact plan and algorithm that Google uses to rank sites for their searches but that is just not going to happen. However, there are a number of things that you can do that have been proven over time to get your site to the top of Google and begin to profit from 1st page listings. Quality content, proper keyword selection and backlinks are the trifecta of search engine placement. Further, the difference between being on the first page and the 5th page is often the number and quality of backlinks that you connect to your website.

Internet marketers call this gathering of quality backlinks as “link juice.” Using Search Engine Optimization techniques will get your site noticed but in order to truly get your site moving up Google pages. Using these simple strategies will help to increase the placement of site and help you to receive additional traffic.

Fundamental Factors to Garner Additional Backlinks

At its most basic, a backlink is a link from some site on the website to your site. This link from another site carries some weight with Google as they believe the more relevant links you have coming in, the more authority your site carries. This means a higher placement in the search results. It is almost like getting a vote and the one with the most votes wins. If your site does not have enough votes (backlinks) it will not be seen as being as important as other sites with more “link juice.” 백링크

The web is a group of websites that all link together and the more those links point at your site the more important Google and other search engines believe your site is and the higher they rank it. However, regardless of the number of backlinks if the information on your site is terrible it will not hold its position very long. Building quality content and having a great back linking strategy will ensure that once you climb the search engine ladder you will stay at the top.

While it is not easy to get backlinks there are a few things you can do to increase your numbers and these include:


  • Commenting on related blogs often offers you the chance to put in your website link and often will build incremental traffic from those people reading your comments.
  • Using a signature in the forums that you participate in and putting a link in your signature will help to build backlinks as well.
  • When you guest post on others blogs the information about you should contain a link to your site as well.
  • Building Hub and Squidoo pages also offer some serious link juice.
  • Publishing articles at article directories, content management sites and other places will help to build your links as well.