Cartoon Pencil Drawing – Why It Is So Important

If you want to be a top ranked cartoon maker, then the art of mastering cartoon pencil drawing is a must for you. All good piece of cartoon begins with the pencil drawing. 4anime

Even master illustrators like Charles Schultz and Stan Lee, the creators of Peanuts and Spider-man respectively began with cartoon pencil drawings. Therefore, it is important to learn the basic of this technique. Here we will begin to prepare you on your journey to becoming a great pencil artist.

First and foremost, you must have all the right materials. Choosing the right tools can be very important as different drawings need different tool. Understanding the difference between a hard lead and soft lead can make your task easier when you are starting out.

Second, learn and observe how the past masters have done their work. Looking at the newspaper comics section and manga comics can be extremely enlightening for the techniques they used in rendering their storyboard.

Third, practise the most basic items first. Learn how to draw a straight line with a pencil and perfect your technique before moving to other shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles and the like.

Most cartoon elements are derived from basic shapes and unless you master the basics like simple lines, you will not have a great cartoon pencil drawing. And never forget however sophisticated and complex your drawing may be it consists of numerous lines and strokes only.

Once you are done with the basic shapes, combine the elements to make a sketch of your first cartoon character. Learn how to best combine the shapes to get the best composition. Continue to build this with the other elements such as shading and more advance body structures